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Luoyang Zhengqi Machinery successfully developed liquid-cooled cables for high-power charging piles

2021-05-13 管理员 Read 75

Project file   Project name: Zhengqi Machinery's liquid-cooled cable research and development project for high-power charging piles   Project overview: The project mainly researches and develops liquid-cooled cables, liquid-cooled charging guns, and liquid-cooled sockets for high-power charging piles of new energy vehicles. The project integrates traditional liquid cooling technology with charging products in the new energy automobile industry to solve the problem of excessive temperature and current limitation during the charging process and realize fast charging.  Many people have to consider charging issues when buying new energy vehicles. Compared with a fuel vehicle that can be refueled in a few minutes, a new energy vehicle requires several hours to charge, which is quite time-consuming. However, with the advent of high-power charging piles in the future, new energy vehicle charging is expected to be faster and better, and there will be contributions from "Luoyang Innovation". "The sample of liquid-cooled cable for high-power charging piles has been successfully developed, and now we have received a consultation call from the charging pile manufacturer." Yesterday, Luoyang Zhengqi Machinery Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Zhengqi Machinery) general manager Zang Chongqing happily told reporter.  Zhengqi Machinery is located in the old city, with a small scale, but it is well-known in the field of water-cooled cables in the domestic photovoltaic industry. The person in charge of an enterprise believes that an enterprise cannot survive without innovation, and new products and new technologies are always the core competitiveness of enterprise development.   In recent years, with the continuous development of the domestic new energy industry, the range of new energy vehicles has continued to increase, and the battery capacity has increased, resulting in excessive charging times. Fast charging has become an urgent need for the development of the new energy vehicle industry. At present, the power of public charging piles in my country is mostly about 60 kilowatts, the power is small, the charging time is long, and the charging experience of users is not good. An important factor restricting the development of high-power charging piles is the lack of high-power charging cables.  Zang Chongqing introduced that if the power of the charging pile is too large, it is easy to cause the cable to heat up, resulting in unsafe and unstable factors. Liquid-cooled cables are special cables used for high-current heating equipment. Compared with ordinary cables, liquid-cooled cables can conduct electricity while using coolant to dissipate heat. Its cooling system can effectively reduce the temperature and allow higher currents to operate without damaging the cables. This makes it a reality that liquid-cooled cables are equipped with high-power charging piles.   Relying on the existing technical advantages in the field of water-cooled cables, Zhengqi Machinery has been researching and developing liquid-cooled cables for high-power charging piles since last year. At present, the company has successfully developed a sample of a liquid-cooled cable for a high-power charging pile that can carry a current of 600A (ampere). The sample cable has an outer diameter of 39 mm, and the temperature can be controlled below 70 degrees under a current of 600A (amperes), which is at the leading level in the industry. For example, a high-power charging pile that can carry a current of 600A (ampere) of liquid-cooled cables can be used to fill a new energy vehicle, and the time can be shortened to ten minutes. "The successful development of cable samples is only the first step. This year we will continue to develop high-power charging liquid-cooled sockets and liquid-cooled charging guns, and strive to support high-power charging piles as soon as possible to make a contribution to the new energy automobile industry. "Zang Chongqing said.