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"Mouthpiece" of the cable industry-"Power Industry Media Alliance" was formally established

2021-05-13 管理员 Read 60

On August 3, the inaugural meeting of the "Power Industry Media Alliance" was held in Yixing, Jiangsu. The alliance is jointly led by Cable Network, Jiangsu Optoelectronics and Cable Chamber of Commerce, Global Electrical Resources, Electric Tiger Network and other industry authoritative media. It aims to gather media forces and guide cable companies to take the path of branding and diversified development through collaborative cooperation. , To promote healthy competition and healthy development of the cable industry.

At the inaugural meeting, Han Yancheng, Secretary-General of Jiangsu Optoelectronic Cable Chamber of Commerce, delivered a speech, expressing sincere welcome to the media personnel and representatives of the Chamber of Commerce to attend the meeting. He pointed out that the media is the mouthpiece of the government, and the industry media is the mouthpiece of the industry, representing the voice of enterprises. After the "problem cable" incident in Xi'an Metro, the industry media played an active role and promoted the positive energy, which had a certain impact on the bidding of the cable industry, effectively curbed the appearance of quality problems, and attracted great attention from the national level. . Therefore, if an industry wants to develop healthily, it is inseparable from the correct guidance of the industry media.

As for how the industry media can play a positive role, Han Yancheng believes that the media should innovate, adapt to the new situation, and constantly explore new characteristics, highlight the key points, put bright spots, never touch the red dots, have a bottom line awareness, and be sure to do it when reporting. To be objective and fair, bear corresponding social responsibilities; at the same time, the current media is also facing many challenges, opportunities and developments. It is necessary to integrate traditional media and new media to better serve enterprises and inject new ideas into the development of the industry. vitality.

Jiang Jianzhong, secretary-general of Yixing Wire and Cable Industry Association, highly affirmed and appraised the "Power Industry Media Alliance". He introduced the development, market scale and innovation capabilities of Yixing's cable industry to the participating media in detail, and said that the establishment of the alliance not only built a platform for cable companies to communicate directly with the media, but also strongly promoted the cable industry. The healthy and stable development of the cable industry even has an important impact on the traditional operating concepts of cable companies.

Hu Dongheng, president of the Liaoning Wire and Cable Industry Association, congratulated the establishment of the "Power Industry Media Alliance". He believed that the emergence of the alliance is the general trend and the inevitable product of the industry's development to a certain stage. It is also the positive energy and spreading position of the cable industry. Further pull in the connection between the media and enterprises, and realize the rapid growth of enterprises and the healthy development of the industry through strong alliances.

Zhang Yinxuan, secretary-general of the Wire and Cable Chamber of Commerce of Tianjin Federation of Industry and Commerce, said that the development of the wire and cable industry has always been inseparable from the support of the media. The media is to promote the healthy development of the wire and cable industry and promote the transformation and development of my country from a large wire manufacturing country to a powerful country. Made an important contribution. Therefore, it is hoped that in the future, the alliance can truly play the role of "mouthpiece", vigorously promote positive energy, further supervise and purify public opinion, rectify the name of the cable industry, and promote the healthy development of the cable industry.

Guo Zhenhui, general manager of Northern Cable Network, delivered a speech, praising the establishment of the "Power Industry Media Alliance" as a major event in the history of the cable industry, providing a platform for policy dissemination and research, corporate communication and interaction for the cable industry, and improving The media’s dissemination, guidance, credibility and influence also provide an effective carrier for cultural dissemination and brand building in the cable industry, promote industrialization and information melting, and are committed to creating a professional platform to fully assist the cable industry. Stable and healthy development. In the future, the alliance will focus on the service cable industry, unite and cooperate, work hard, and inject new vitality into the development of the cable industry and contribute new strength.

In the signing process, the media representatives signed the proposal under the witness of all participants, marking the official establishment of the "Power Industry Media Alliance".