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The "Tendering and Bidding Law" Amendment Opinion Symposium Held, Experts Gathered to Provide Suggestions for the Cable Industry

2021-05-13 管理员 Read 59

[Cable Network News] At the time when the National Development and Reform Commission was soliciting opinions for the "Bidding and Bidding Law" and the "Implementation Regulations of the Bidding and Bidding Law," A symposium on amendments to the Law was held on the afternoon of September 19 at Beijing Baifuyi Hotel. Bidding legal experts and experts in various fields of the wire and cable industry gathered together to provide advice and suggestions for the continuous improvement of the bidding and bidding system, the creation of a good market environment and the sustainable and healthy development of the wire and cable industry.

Chen Jun, Chairman of China Price Association and Chairman of Cable Price Branch, Huang Jieping, Executive Chairman of Jiangsu Optoelectronic Cable Chamber of Commerce, Liu Ying, Partner Lawyer of Beijing Yingke Law Firm, Famous Legal Counsel in National Bidding Field, Wire and Cable Industry in Liaoning Province Association President Hu Dongheng, China Price Association President Membership Director Lu Yang, Cable Price Branch Vice President Fan Jieyuan, Secretary-General Bai Guangsen, Jiangsu Province Optoelectronic Cable Chamber of Commerce Secretary Han Yancheng, Tianjin Federation of Industry and Commerce Cable Chamber of Commerce Secretary-General Experts and leaders including Zhang Yinxuan, Deputy Secretary-General Liu Bo, and Xu Jianhua, Director of the Operation Center of China Quality News participated in this symposium. Representatives from Far East Cable Co., Ltd., Sheng'an Cable Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Zhongli Group, Jiangsu Saide Electric Co., Ltd., Zhongchen Cable Co., Ltd., and Beijing Bicebang Information Technology Co., Ltd. attended the symposium. Cable Network attended this symposium as a media support unit. learn from past experience. Huang Jieping pointed out that the cable quality incident of Xi'an Metro Line 3 should become a "wake-up call" and a turning point in the development of the cable industry, hoping to make the industry develop on a virtuous path. It can be seen that the "problem cable" incident in Xi'an Metro occurred to a large extent under the abnormal phenomenon of blindly pursuing "low price winning" in the current bidding process. In the actual procurement work, contract breaches and shoddy goods caused by low-price and vicious competition occurred from time to time, and even caused losses to people's lives and property. The National Development and Reform Commission’s public consultation for the "Bidding and Bidding Law" and the "Regulations for the Implementation of the Bidding and Bidding Law" is a good opportunity for the cable industry to make suggestions and suggestions. We must seize the opportunity to promote the improvement of national laws, regulations and supporting systems for bidding and bidding. Create a “fair and just” market competition atmosphere, strive to change bidding and procurement methods that use price as the decisive factor, implement comprehensive evaluation of multiple factors such as technology, quality, service, brand, and price, and promote “price-competition” to “competitiveness”. Quality" change. Chen Jun said that the phenomenon of winning bids at low prices for product purchases reported by everyone actually refers to the use of the "evaluated lowest bid price method" when evaluating bids. This is an important bid evaluation method stipulated by my country's Tendering and Bidding Law, and it is also a common practice internationally to determine the successful bidder. The current laws and regulations concerning bidding and bidding clearly stipulate the application of the "evaluated lowest bid price law", but this bid evaluation method is often abused and misused, leading to a series of problems. In the future, the scope of application of the "evaluated lowest bid price law" should be strictly limited in accordance with the law. In view of the abuse and improper use of the "evaluated lowest bid price method", it is necessary to further clarify and strengthen the use of various evaluation methods. It is recommended that the entire process of supervision be implemented in the revision of the tendering and bidding law. In addition, it is necessary to strengthen supervision and law enforcement, strict quality supervision, implementation of accountability, strengthen the implementation of the life-long responsibility system for product quality, and make it clear that the winning bidder shall be responsible for product quality. Improve the social credit system, include those who produce and provide inferior products on the list of untrustworthy, implement joint punishments, and increase the cost of violations by enterprises.

Liu Ying interpreted the "Tendering and Bidding Law" and the amendments from the legal aspect, and proposed "to the legislative department on how to protect the interests of bidders in the cable industry", "encourage law-abiding operations, encourage good faith management, and increase the cost of illegal enterprises." , "How to increase the judging rules such as determining the price below cost", "clear the bidding supervision and management department" and a series of suggestions, effectively help everyone use legal knowledge to diagnose the pulse of the cable industry. At the symposium, the participants expressed their views on the revision of the "Tendering and Bidding Law". They had a lively discussion on winning the bid at the lowest price, the illegal cost is too low, the reviewed lowest bid price method, and the comprehensive evaluation method. , I hope to get rid of the stubborn diseases of "winning the bid at the lowest price" and "bad money driving out good money", and offer suggestions for promoting the sustainable and healthy development of the cable industry.