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Far East Maimaibao won the title of "2017 China Top 100 B2B Industry"

2021-05-13 管理员 Read 43

[Cable Network News] On December 28, the "Fourth China B2B E-Commerce Conference and Ningbo Industrial Internet Summit Forum" was held in Shangri-La Hotel, Ningbo. Far East Wisdom Energy Co., Ltd. (stock abbreviation: Wisdom Energy, stock code: 600869), Far East Maimaibao Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "maimaibao") was listed in the "2017 China B2B Industry Top 100 List", ranking No. Among the 25, the top 100 companies also include Alibaba, Ouye Cloud, and

The annual "China B2B E-Commerce Conference" brings together more than 80% of the industry's platforms and CEOs. This time, it gathers upstream and downstream service providers, brand vendors, B2B platforms, Ningbo traditional enterprises, and investment institutions across the industrial chain across the country. With a total of 2500 industry professionals, it has become the largest and highest-level annual event in the industry, and has an unmatched influence in the industrial Internet industry. The “Top 100 Chinese B2B Industry List”, which is known as the big list of the B2B industry, is commissioned by the B2B Industry Branch of the China Electronic Commerce Association and evaluated by the research team of Toby. It has been successfully published four times, which is very important for the B2B industry. As important as the "Spring Festival Gala", it is the highest honor in the industry. The list is mainly based on the five dimensions of news data, revenue + GMV data, website traffic data, listing + financing data, and online voting data, each with a different weight, which is finally obtained through a scientifically set algorithm. The top 100 list basically covers all types of B2B enterprises, with rigorous data science and algorithms, which are worthy of industry reference. At the meeting, Secretary-General Liu Ningbo of the B2B Industry Branch of the China Electronic Commerce Association published and announced the "China B2B E-commerce Industry Self-discipline Convention" co-sponsored by the first batch of 39 companies including Maimaibao.

At the same time, Maimaibao also won the title of "2017 Chinese Traditional Enterprise Transformation Pioneer". In today's society, the B2B model continues to penetrate into the vertical segmentation field, and more and more traditional enterprises realize the value of e-commerce and begin to transform to B2B. Under the influence of policies such as Made in China 2025, supply-side reforms, and consumption upgrades, a number of enterprises with more fruitful transformation results have emerged. The B2B Industry Branch of China Electronic Commerce Association specially selected ten "2017 Chinese Traditional Enterprise Transformation Pioneers", hoping to set a benchmark for the industry and promote the upgrading and transformation of traditional enterprises.

Maimaibao is a professional wire and cable, electrical and electronic e-commerce platform under Smart Energy (600869), established in 2011. With more than 30 years of strong industrial foundation of Smart Energy, it has become an e-commerce platform with wire and cable customization, spot, fittings and electrical products trading as the main body, with supply and demand information matching, transaction matching, spot trading and supply chain finance plus OTO The model serves upstream and downstream customers, and provides customers with a one-stop solution integrating procurement, sales, payment, logistics, quality inspection and financial services. Relying on the shareholder platform of smart energy listed companies, Maimaibao has developed rapidly. After six years, it has developed into an industry-supported global wire and cable, electrical and electrical vertical e-commerce platform. At present, Maimaibao has more than 200 brand suppliers. Far East Cable, Schneider, Delixi, ABB, Siemens, Bull, 3M and other big brands with high reputation in their respective fields have all settled in. In 2016, Maimaibao realized operating income of 4.868 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 67.24%, and realized a net profit of 50 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 31.04%. In the first three quarters of 2017, the company has achieved revenue of 5.071 billion yuan, surpassing the revenue of the full year of 2016, and has become the most trusted, well-known and influential wire and cable, electrical and electrical e-commerce trading platform. In the future, Maimaibao will gather product data and sales data on the platform through the cloud ERP system in more than 200 Far East cable stores across the country. Through big data analysis, guide offline store sales, purchase and inventory management. Through the construction of logistics, the formation of independent delivery, improve the efficiency of warehousing and distribution, and further optimize and transform the industry supply chain, expand the online product line, and become a provider of "good price, fast delivery, good quality, wide range of products, and specialized services" B2B e-commerce OTO service platform!