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36 Chinese brands including State Grid were shortlisted in the 2016 Global 500 Brands

2018-07-03 管理员 Read 73

Comparing the 2014 and 2015 rankings of the world's top 500 brands, it is found that only 29 Chinese brands were shortlisted in 2014, 31 Chinese brands were shortlisted in 2015, and the number of Chinese shortlisted brands rose to 36 in 2016. Although the number of Chinese shortlisted brands is increasing year by year, compared with European and American economies, Chinese brands are clearly still in the "third echelon". From the perspective of the country distribution of the number of brands in the 2016 World Brands 500 list, the United States occupies 227 seats in the top 500, and the United Kingdom and France are ranked second with 41 brands. Japan, China, Germany, Switzerland and Italy are brands. In the second camp of major countries, 37, 36, 26, 19 and 17 brands were selected respectively.

Speaking of the reasons for the small number of Chinese brands in the world's top 500 brands, Stephen Evans, a professor at the University of Cambridge Manufacturing Research Institute, believes that "China's manufacturing is big but not strong, and technology and brand must walk on two legs." Harvard Business School Professor John Dayton believes that 90% of the shoes in the United States are made in China, but they are still American brands. The brand should be based on the quality that consumers care about, not the place of origin. Robert Mundell, chairman of the World Brand Lab and Nobel Prize Winner in Economics, said, “An important feature of the modern economy is brand dominance. Most of our understanding and understanding of the world’s economic powers starts with brands. Government officials should agree with each other. Like the heads of enterprises, strengthen the research on brand strategy, because the brand is a living organism in the regional economy, and it is also the most direct manifestation of its core competitiveness."